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Frequently Asked Questions




Pricing, Payment, Charges






How do I contact you?
You can reach us by phone, email, or through our online chat. Call us at (800) 915-3535 or send us an email using our contact form.

Where are you located?
We are located in Uniontown, Ohio. Our address is 1505 Corporate Woods Pkwy, Suite 500, Akron OH 44319

When are you open?
We are open Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

I have questions about your products, will you answer them?
Yes we will any question about our products.

I'm having trouble with the website, how do I find what I'm looking for?
You should use the menu links on the left side of the page to find what you and scroll down the page as needed.

I'm looking for a specific product and can't find it on your website?
If you can't find a product on our website, we may still have it so contact us. Not all of our products are listed on the website because they aren't big sellers.

Is your website secure?
Our website is broken up into 2 areas the shopping cart / payment and regular website. The regular website is not secure, but the shopping cart is. We know the importance of security and take it seriously, and when you go to make a purchase your information is going through a secure channel.

Can I request a sample item?
Samples can be requested for almost all of our products. Any products that are over $5.00 will have a charge for them plus shipping costs. If an order is placed from that sample, we will refund you the sample cost minus the shipping. Please note that the refund will only apply if the order is placed for the sample item.


I'm on a tight deadline, do you offer rush service?
Yes we do offer rush service for our products. Rush service will vary from product to product and incur additional extra cost.

What is process printing?
Process printing is a method that uses a maximum of 4 colors and 4 plates to print full color on a surface.

What is the proof approval policy?
Proofs are typically provided to the customer via email within 24 hours, or less. Some products and/or artwork and printing processes do take longer when developing proofs.

What is standard production?
Standard production is typically 5 to 7 days. Production time may varying from one product to the next.


How do I send you my custom artwork, logo, or text to be printed?
When you place your order, the completion screen will have a link that will take you to a page where you can upload your artwork.

I can't send artwork through the computer, how can I get it you?
If you do not have a computer, then artwork can be sent via US Mail by CD or even a USB drive (which we can happily return to you.). Sometimes we can even work with a sketch or art that is mailed or faxed in. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you! An art charge can apply though, but we strive for very low art costs to make things as economical as possible.

What are acceptable file formats?
We accept vectored art in an ai, eps, or pdf file is preferred but we can except GIF, JPEG, SVG, TIFF files for review. Raster or bitmap files (GIF, JPG, SVG, TIFF) can require an art recreation charge of $30 to convert them to vector.

What is vector artwork? How is it different from raster images?
Vector artwork is made on the computer and can be scaled to any size without losing quality. That is because a vector is a mathematical curve or line renders the same quality at any size. Raster or bitmap artwork is a fixed size work like a physical photograph. When you change the size of a raster image you will lose quality if its too small or become fuzzy when made bigger.

I have specific colors for my brand do you color match?
Yes we can color match, but it is dependent on the product and printing process.

What is PMS Color Matching?
PMS color matching is a when you provide a color number of formula to create that exact color. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is an enormous index of colors and their formulas used throughout the printing industry.

What are Spot Colors?
A spot color is a single ink color used for printing during a single run. Spot colors are used in screen and off-set printing where 1 to 4 colors are used. Each spot color used requires additional setup and printing runs.

The artwork or product colors look nothing like what's on screen, why?
Computer monitors need to be color calibrated to show colors accurately. Color calibration depends on the model and quality of the monitor.

Can I use a trademark or copyrighted logo or image?
You cannot use a trademark or copyrighted logo without permission from the person/persons who owns it. This verification needs to be in writing.

Can I use my own design on a cup?
Yes, you can use a custom design on your cup. If you are supplying the artwork make sure it is an acceptable format.

Can photos be printed on cups?
We have in the past printed custom photos on cups. The outcome is very dependent on the picture's resolution and coloring. You can always email it to us for review and we can let you know if we think it will work.

Pricing, Payment, Charges

What are your payment options?
We accept payment through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

What determines my price for an order of cups?
Factors that determine price are the product, quantity, number of colors, setup charge, rush service, and supplied artwork. The quantity and number of imprint colors will be the biggest factor aside from the product itself.

What does the online pricing include?
The pricing online typically includes the quantity of cups desired, a 1 color imprint, and the setup charge for 1 color imprint. It can vary from product to product and it is listed on the website.

I see there is a setup charge, what is it?
A setup charge is for the printing screen. Depending on the number of colors used will determine how much the setup charge will be because a screen is needed for each color printed.

Do setup charges apply to reorders?
No, provided they are reorders with the exact art and placed within 2 years of the first order.

The pricing online changed, why?
Pricing is subject to change at any time on the website. Prices change due to changes in cost for the product.

Do you charge sales tax?
Yes if you make the purchase from Ohio. Out of state purchases do not get charged sales tax.

How do I cancel my order? Will there be a cancellation fee?
Cancellation of an order is possible, but must be done immediately! Because we print our stadium cups so quickly (most print within 24-48 hours), we start your printing process right away! As long as we haven't made any plates or screens, we will cancel your order without any additional charges. Just give us a call ASAP if you encounter a need for cancellation.

Are there more charges I should know about?
We do not have hidden charges, but if your art requires recreation, we can incur art charges. We will not charge you anything though, without your approval and notification first. Some products do have what we call overrun charges, which means the press can make 5-10% more for quality control purposes.

Is there a price break for large orders?
Yes, if the quantity you desire is not on the website, just call us or chat with us and we will get you that pricing right away!


How do I place an order?
To place an order browse to the desired product. Then select the options you want from the drop down boxes and click add to cart. In the shopping cart you have the option to continue shopping, or go to payments. Continue shopping will take you back to the website where you can select more products. Payments will take you to where you enter your payment info and place your order.

Do you accept more than just online orders?
Yes we take orders over the phone, online chat, and over email. Email us using our contact form and a customer service representative will get back to you in 1 business day.

I just placed an order but I'm not sure it went through, now what?
You should receive an email order confirmation almost immediately. If not, your order may not have made it through. We also send you an email proof prior to doing any customization job. If you don't receive your proof on the next business day, your order did not submit thru our system.

Is there a minimum quantity to order?
Yes, the minimum quantity on cups is listed on the price chart for each product.

Can I add to my existing order? How do I do that?
Contact your Sales Rep or anyone in Customer Service who can help you with your promotional stadium cup order.

I have an order inhouse can I change it online?
Not at this time. Our system is not setup to make changes online. You will have to either call or email a customer service representative about your change.

Can I change an order that is inhouse?
Contact your Sales Rep or anyone in Customer Service who can help you with your custom printed stadium cup order.

How do I cancel my order?
Contact your Sales Rep or anyone in Customer Service can help you with your customized stadium cup order.

I need to rush my order, can it be done?
Yes, we offer rush service on most of our products for an additional fee. Please contact us about rush service.

I didn't receive an order confirmation? What do I need to do?
If you didn't receive an order confirmation, don't fret! Sometimes we print faster than we email! Just email or call your sales rep and they will be happy to assist you and confirm that all is well!

Can I track my order?
Yes, you will be sent an Order Confirmation Link within 24-48 hours. This will provide you with an estimated ship date; ship method and shipping location. Once the order has shipped, your tracking info will be added to the link as well. You can always call or email your Sales Rep or anyone in Customer Service can help you as well.

Can I check my order status?
Yes, you will be sent an Order Confirmation Link within 24-48 hours. This will provide you with an estimated ship date; ship method and shipping location. You can always call or email your Sales Rep or anyone in Customer Service can help you as well.

I would like blank cups can I order them?
We do offer blank cups, and at a slightly lower cost. Please check on the website or contact customer service about blank cups.

Can I order less than the minimum listed on the website?
With stadium cups, our absolute minimum quantity is 100 pieces. If you are looking at another product, we may be able to do less than minimum, but it often requires a less than minimum charge. Ask a sales representative or customer service rep to verify.

Do I have to order in quantities listed on the website?
It depends on the product. With custom stadium cups, you aren't limited to ordering only 100, 250 or 500. If you only want 300 cups, we can do that! Quantities just need to be ordered in multiples of 25. The pricing of 250 would apply if you order 300 for example.

Can I split imprint colors and designs?
Usually, but this is product dependent. For stadium cups, we can make an imprint color change for $15. Changes must be made in multiples of 25.

Can I order cups in any size breakdown I want?
If you are ordering personalized stadium cups, it must be done in multiples of 25. Other glassware type items usually need to be ordered by case quantity, or special packaging charges may apply.

When ordering I may have made a mistake, what can I do?
If you think you have made an error contact us, and we will help you resolve it so your product comes out the way you want it.

I'm out of cups, can I reorder?
Yes, by all means please do. Reorders made within 2 years of first purchase have free setup.

My order had an error when I received it, what can be done?
You have 30 days to call or email in any complaints/errors. We strive to quickly resolve any problems, so just give us a call right away!

Product was damaged upon receiving my order what do I do?
You have 30 days to call or email us about the problem. We will resolve any problems as quickly as possible. So don't delay if there is a problem, give us a call right away!


What shipping methods do you use?
We ship using FedEx and UPS.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?
No you can’t ship to a P.O. Box. We ship via Fed Ex or UPS, so we do need a physical location instead.

Do you ship to Canada or internationally?
We can ship to Canada and to other international locations Please keep in mind though that when shipping outside the U.S., arrival times can be affected due to the customs process. If you have a broker, or your own shipping account, we recommend using it for less delays.

Do you ship to the APO?
We can ship to APO’s yes. This is done via USPS and we are not provided with tracking information when shipping in the mail. Expediting is not possible either. We prefer not to, but we certainly can if that is your only option.

I have my own shipping account can you use that?
Yes we can ship using your own UPS or Fedex shipping account.

How long will my order take?
Delivery depends on your location and shipping method chosen.

Once my order is shipped can I track it?
You will be sent an Order Confirmation Link within 24-48 hours. This will provide you with an estimated ship date; ship method and shipping location. Once the order has shipped, your tracking info will be added to the link as well. You can always call or email your Sales Rep or anyone in Customer Service can help you as well.

Do you split shipments?
We can split shipments but there is usually an extra charge per address to do so.

I need my cups fast what are my options?
Stadium Cups are typically printed and shipped in 24-48 hours. If you have multi-color or full color artwork though, this does extend to 5-10 working days.

How are cups packaged?
Our stadium cups are stacked and bulk packaged.


I received my order and not happy with the product, what do I do?
You have 30 days to call or email in any complaints/errors. We strive to quickly resolve any problems, so just give us a call right away!


How is my personal info treated? Is it safe?
Our online ordering site is safe and securely protected. Nothing is charged to your account until after proof approval and final order verification. Once your credit card is entered into our system, all numbers are hidden from view, except for the last 4 digits.

How is credit card information handled?
Your credit card is safely secured. We not only highly regard your security on-line by using a credible and highly-secure processing system, but we also make sure that no one can view your number in our system either. We can only verify the last 4 digits of your credit card once we have processed your order.